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Help a girl stuck in Fantasy find Faith. 

Deliver an Egg.

Reach the top.

  • Interact - E
  • Jump/Double Jump - Space
  • Sprint - Shift
  • Pickup - Right Mouse Button
  • Punch - Left Mouse Button


Music by Anthony1


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Vaguely reminds me of movement based gamemodes like Surfing or Bhopping from source games. 

  • Basic idea is pretty fun as a parkour game
  • Extremely generous placement of walls not only makes it easy to recover from errors, it also gives a more dynamic "action" feeling to the parkouring rather than a puzzle you need to solve
  • the visuals can be pretty striking at times, assuming you don't die from the strobe lights. Personal favorite is the area with the maxed out bloom orange skybox, it's a pretty rare case of over enthusiastic bloom actually working out in favor of the visuals
  • Finishing a level gives you a calm sense of accomplishment, plus a much needed break from an aggressive attempt to blow out your senses

Now on to the uh, problems. I've managed to survive this game until the third and presumably final level

  • A lot of walls tend to spin in a way that puts them in some limbo state between wall and floor, creating a ramp which you can't land on nor jump off of. This can easily send to tumbling downwards.
  • Some walls, for whatever reason, give you a massive speed boost forward while you wallrun on them. You don't have a lot of air control so this this mostly just sends you back a few parts of the map rather than a potential cheesing strat (especially in the 3rd level)
  • For a variety of numerous several reasons, it's kinda hard to see. In the second(?) level in particular where you had to open a door after getting the egg, it took me a while to notice the lever.
  • The sound design and lighting might be slipping into weapons grade territory. 
  • I could stand the assault on my senses, but the shaking could probably do in even the sturdiest jank gamers. On the flip side, the fact that the shaking sort of eases up while you're in the air creates a historically unprecedented incentive to keep moving and encourages faster gameplay. 
  • I gave the 3rd level my best for roughly half an hour, but couldn't finish it. The freestyle approach has its merits, but I couldn't figure out how to cross the "chasm"? between the first set of wall/platforms and the next. Hell, I barely managed to reach that part because I kept falling and getting knocked around. Even with the very generous amount of walls, I still struggled quite a bit there. More often than not, I end up trying to land on platforms that are at the awkward angle which you can't land or wallrun on, and occasionally some of them send me flying forward at uncontrollable speeds. Ultimately, the accumulating nausea from the shaking had successfully done me in.

This game might've been made as an act of aggression, but it's a pretty interesting way to be assaulted.